CarSaver lets people buy a car from the palm of their hand with benefits the traditional car shopping experience could not offer. But to break the habit of buying at a car dealer, they realized video could help. We used video to explain the buying process, expand their dealer network, and pitch strategic partners to adopt their new car shopping experience. Now a Walmart partner, we’re using all kinds of video formats to help them grow.

Product launch video

Tech companies increasingly use video to demonstrate how their products work and CarSaver knew that from the start. We used actors and motion graphics to market their brand personality, app features, and unique buying experience in several short, two-minute videos like this one..

Benefits realized:

Educate prospects on product
Quickly highlighted product benefits Distinguished from competitors

Testimonial Videos

Since CarSaver is a tech startup, we saw an opportunity to establish credibility with each user’s success. We filmed testimonials in the Walmart stores to emphasize the convenience of the CarSaver buying experience.

Benefits realized:

Built credibility in early stages
Humanized their brand
Generated leads and sales

Culture / Company Videos

Another challenge tech companies face is defining and then articulating the uniqueness of their culture. For CarSaver, video solved that. We created a series of culture videos to show their beautiful office space and the people behind the mobile application.

Benefits realized:

Promote positive company culture Developed trust among prospects Showcased qualified, driven staff


Point-of-Sale Videos

Since CarSaver integrated with Walmart Superstores across the country, we helped them use video to take advantage of the foot traffic. We created videos in various formats for their kiosks and new Walmart webpage, which also have been repurposed for social media banners, landing pages, and ads. These marketing tools helped them stand out from the competition.

Benefits realized:

Grew online presence
Promoted services effectively
Boosted leads and sales

We give tech a human touch. Video helps tech companies be more relatable. If it worked for Walmart’s car sales partner, the largest US retailer, it can work for you.